Railway Transportation Master Program, Raylı Sistem Mühendisliği Programı
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Planned Course Syllabus for fall 2022
WeekDate Subjects to be covered
122 Sep. 2022NO CLASS
229 Sep. 2022Introduction to the course,
Basic characteristics of railway systems.
History of signalling. Basic signalling principles.
- Time table and train order
- Token signalling
- Staff and ticket
- Block signalling
Introduction to RAMS Analysis for Railways
- Reliability
- Availability
- Maintainability
- Safety and Security
36 Oct. 2022RAMS and Risk Analysis
- Hazard and Risk
- Verification and Validation
- Relevant Standards
- The V Model
- Risk Matrix
- FTA Analysis
- Other Risk Analysis Methods
- Errors, Failures and Disturbances
- System States
- Evaluation of Safety and Safety Integrity Level (SIL)

413 Oct. 2022RAMS and Risk Analysis
- Evaluation of Safety and Safety Integrity Level (SIL)
- Development of Safe Programs

Railway operation processes
- Historical background
- Basic definitions (tracks, signals and their classifications)
- Interlocking areas
- Train movements and shunting movements
- Fixed block and moving block signalling
- Calculation of block times and headway
520 Oct. 2022Interlocking principles
- Route and block principles
- Element dependencies
- Route protection
- Parts of a route (beginning, end, running part, flank, overlap)
- Speed restrictions
- Basic route locking functions

627 Oct. 2022Interlocking principles
- Flank protection
- Front protection
- Overlaps
- Life Cycle of Routes
- Reversible and irreversible route locking
- Interlocking tables

73 Nov. 2022Interlocking principles
- Automation of route operation
- Block dependencies and block protection
- Block overlaps
- Absolute and permissive block systems
- Managing block direction (neutral vs placed direction, tokenless block systems)
- Following protection by block systems
- Handling train movements in block systems
- Degraded mode of operation

Detection systems
- Classification of detection systems
- Detection equipment
810 Nov. 2022FALL BREAK - NO CLASS
917 Nov. 2022MIDTERM EXAM
1024 Nov. 2022Detection systems
- Track Circuits
- Axle Counters
111 Dec. 2022Movable track elements
- Simple points
- Fouling points
- Movements on switches
- Railway crossings
- Catch points, trap points and derailers
- Safety requirements
- Point machines
128 Dec. 2022Signals
- Classification of signals
- Light signals
- Control and supervision of signals
- Signal aspects
- Signalling speed restrictions
- Shunting signals and degraded mode of operation
- Case studies
1315 Dec. 2022Train Protection
- Cab signalling functions
- Supervision functions
- Automation of train operation
- Data transmission (systems)
- Classification of train protection systems
- Case studies
- ATP and braking curves
1422 Dec. 2022Interlocking machines: mechanical, relay and electronics.
Line block systems. Remote control and operation technology.
Level Crossings. Moving block signalling and ETCS.
Hazard alert systems.