Railway Transportation Master Program, Raylı Sistem Mühendisliği Programı
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Application Requirements:

In order to be admitted to the program the minimum ALES Numerical Exam Score must be equal to or higher than 70 (equivalent to minimum GRE Quantitative Exam 152 (or 675 in old system)). Minimum required undergraduate GPA is 2.1/4.0 (55.66/100). Graduates of all engineering programs can apply to the program. Students admitted to the program must satisfy foreign language requirements of ITU in accordance with the regulations within a year of their acceptance.

Graduation Requirements:

In order to be able to graduate from the Railway Systems Engineering Program at least eight courses with not less than twenty-four total credits hours in addition to a noncredit seminar course and a thesis work must be completed. At least, twelve credits of the total twenty four credits must be from the group of compulsory courses. Six of the required twelve credits must be from the common compulsory courses of the program (i.e. three credits for one the accepted Engineering Mathematics courses and three credits for RSM 503 Railway Systems Engineering course), and the other six credits must be from the group of compulsory courses depending on one of the three options of the program and must be selected with the supervisor of the student. It is possible to take 50% of the elective courses from other programs within the ITU with the approval of the supervisor. At least 30% of all the credits taken must be from courses delivered in English.

* Students that are graduated from undergraduate programs other than electrical, electronics, control, civil and mechanical engineering programs might be asked to take some noncredit basic courses in undergraduate level before or while starting the program as part of a scientific preparation program.



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Common Mandatory Courses (three courses)

Students have to take these three mandatory courses. The mathematics course can be selected from the group given below.

  1. Mathematics courses (students must take one of the following four courses):
    1. MKC 501E – Engineering Mathematics (English)
    2. MAK 501- Mühendislik Matematiği(Turkish)
    3. ELE 519 – Elektrik Mühendisliğinde Matematiksel Yöntemler(Turkish)
    4. UUM535E – Engineering Mathematics (English)
    5. ULS 501E – Math. Meth. in Transportation Eng. (English)
    6. YAP501E Engineering Mathematics(English)
  2.  RSM 503 – Railway Systems Engineering (Turkish)
  3. RSM 596 – Seminar course (Noncredit)(English)/(Turkish)


Optional Mandatory Courses

Students must take at least two of these courses.

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

RSM 511E – Railway Signalling Systems (English)

RSM 516 – Electrotechnical for Railway Systems (Turkish)

Mechanical Engineering

RSM 504 – Mechanics of Railway Systems (Turkish)

RSM 502 – Design and Analysis of Railway Vehicles and Components  (Turkish)

Civil Engineering

RSM 508E – Planning and Project Management of Railway Investments (English)

RSM 512E – Operation of Urban Railway Transportation Systems (English)


Elective Courses

Students can take four courses from this group. However, they can take up to two courses from other programs within the university or from other universities (consent of the department is required), if they wish.

Fall Semester
RSM 501   Operations and Maintenance Railway Systems (Turkish)
RSM 505   Special Topics on Railway Systems Engineering (Turkish or English)
RSM 507   Railway Safety (Turkish)
RSM 513E   Functional Safety in Railways (English)
RSM 509   Railway Traction Systems (Turkish)
MAK 535   Design Methodology (Turkish)
MAK 611   Experimental Mechanics (Turkish)
MAK 555   Noise and Vibration Control (Turkish)
ULS 603   Special Topis on Railway Superstructure (Turkish)
YAP 527   Concrete Bridges Design (Turkish)
ZMG 505   Soil Improvement (Turkish)
ELK 503E   Power Electronic Systems (English)
KOM 507E   Numerical Methods in Optimization (English)
ELK 501   Power System Analysis (Turkish)
KOM 508   Industrial Otomation Systems (Turkish)

Spring Semester
RSM 506E    Testing and Acceptance of Railway Vehicles According to International Standards (English)
RSM 510    Railway Systems Fuel and Lubricants (Turkish)
RSM 514    Railway Signalling Systems Design (Turkish)
MAK 525E    Finite Element Analysis in Engineering (English)
MAM 504    Mechanical Properties of Materials (Turkish)
YAP 512   Advanced Methods in Steel Bridge Design (Turkish)
ULS 510   High Speed Railways (Turkish)
ULS 512   Railway Superstructure Computations (Turkish)
ELK 501   Power Systems Analysis (Turkish)
KOM 506E   Control of Induction Machines (English)
KOM 610E   Nonlinear Control Systems (English)
BLG 542E   Safety Critical Computer Systems (English)
ELK 504E   Dynamics of Electrical Machines (English)