Railway Transportation Master Program, Raylı Sistem Mühendisliği Programı
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Railway system related works started in 1795 at the Istanbul Technical University (Mühendishane-i Berr-i Hümâyûn) with a department named after Railways (Demiryolları Kürsüsü). After that, the conventional railways lived a golden era with the establishment of the young Republic of Turkey. Nowadays, there is a considerable increase in investments on high speed railways in Turkey. There also exist lots of investments on metro, light metro, and street tramway projects in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir and also in other major cities of Turkey. All these investments in turn mean that the demand for good Railway Engineers will increase. Considering all these raised demands and the request from TCDD (Turkish State Railways) the Railway Systems Engineering Master Program is decided to be established by ITU. The program has been accepting students since the 2014-2015 academic fall term, after the endorsement of the program by YÖK (Council of Higher Education) in 2013.

Considering the huge amount of money allocated to railway investments, education on railways is becoming more and more important. Therefore, ITU Railway Systems Engineering Master Program aims to educate people who will be able to work for public or private companies in the railway sector nationally and internationally with the highest possible standards. The program is supported by several departments including Civil Engineering Department, Mechanical Engineering Department, Electrical Engineering Department and Control Engineering Department. As a result, the students have a strong consultancy support from various disciplines and they are encouraged to work in both national and international projects.